Everything you need to know for organizing a Colour Run


Why organising a Color Run?

Your looking for an original activity for your students, your work colleagues or your citizens? What about organizing a Color Run?

Runners starting a colour run in Canada

This kind of run like Color Run, Color Me Rad, Run or Dye, attracts more and more people each year. Kids and adults are being seduced by this fun and athlectic activity inspired by the traditional Holi Festival. Also, those are some of the reasons to do a Colour Run :

  1. It’s easy to organize
  2. It requires not much material
  3. Affordable (about 5$ per runner)
  4. Easy to wash and clean
  5. Safe
  6. Ecofriendly (100% natural, nontoxic, biodegradable, and compostable) To know more, read our article on What is Colour Powder Made of?.

How to organize a Colour Run for a small group?

It’s simple to organize a Colour Run, even for hundreds of runners. We prepared a list of steps to follow if you wish to organize a Colour Run.

Simple and affordable, the Colour Run can easily become your favorite one.

This is what you need to do :

  1. Plan the trajectory of the run and the colour stations

Normally, a typical Color Run is about 5km with a colour station at each kilometer. You can reduce or increase the distance according to your runners group capacity. You could also reduce the number of stations if your budget is limited or increase it if you want to go all out! Also, you will need to plan where is going to be the starting line, the finishing line, and the colour stations positions.

Runner in a colour run in Canada

  1. Promote the Colour Run to the participants and fill the inscriptions

You will need to know the number of runners to plan the race.

  1. Order the Bulk Premium Colour Powder for the run

To get the most affordable price, you need to order Premium Colour Powder Bulk. To know how much you need colour powder for your run, you can read the article we wrote on How to Many Colour Powder do I need for my Colour Run.

Someone running in a Colour station

  1. Prepare necessary material

Each colour station needs at least on table to drop the bulk colour powder on it. You can also plan to have trash cans and washrooms if needed.

  1. Recruit volunteers for throwing colour powders at the runners

You will need volunteers to throw the colour powder at the runners when they go trough. We suggest a minimum of 2 volunteers per station.

  1. Welcome the runners, deliver their bibs, and note their running time (optional)

If you wish to share the results with the runners, you will need bibs with numbers dans someone taking the time of each of the runners. At the end of the run, a volunteer can do so with a sheet and a timer started at the beginning of the run.

Colour Powder on the ground during a colour run in Canada

  1. Put some music and entertain the runners!

You should have an host with a strong voice, a megaphone or a microphone to regulate the runners and put up a good vibe. Also, energizing music being played with a sound system can help a lot. You can also use a Colour Powder Blaster at the start of the run to make a blast of colour.

  1. Have a good time doing the run

Live it up! This is supposed to be fun, easy going and colorful!

People having fun in a colour run in canada

  1. Plan a cleaning zone

You just need to shake the clothes to remove the colour powder. Big fans, leaf blowers, or a shaking group dance can help and be fun. After that, the runners can take a shower and put their clothes on the washing machine to clean what’s left.


Your ready to organize your Colour Run! Don’t hesitate do Contact us if you need more help!


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