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How Many Colour Powder do I need for a Colour Run?

If you are organizing a Colour Run for your first time, it might be hard to plan correctly and guess the right amount of Colour Powder needed. How do I plan the right amount of Colour Powder for my Colour Run? It is not really possible to know perfectly the right amount of Colour Powder needed, because many things can affect the usage of it during a Colour Run. Those are examples of what can affect the needs of Colour Powder : The number of colour stations The number of colours The number of runners How the runners will be spread or not (less colour powder is needed when they are close together when passing the colour stations) The generosity...

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How to Organize The Perfect Colour Run?

What is a Colour Run? A Colour Run is an event were the participants have to run a given distance (example : 1km, 3km or 5km) and where they are going to be sprinkled Colour Powders all their way to the end of the run. The benefits of a Colour Run are the following: Easy to organize Not much material is required Really attractive and trendy Affordable (about 5$ per participant of colour powder) Easy to wash Ecofriendly (100% natural, non-toxic, biodegradable and compostable) To know more, read our article on What is Colour Powder Made of? Safe for kids Being able to organize a big event (alot of participants) simply and at an affordable price So a Colour Run is...

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