Accomplishement Medals
Accomplishement Medals


Accomplishement Medals

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NOUWEE's accomplishment medals are perfect for your Colour Run and more. They are affordable and suits exactly for big groups attending the run. They add a great touch the overall experience, Runners will also be proud to share their accomplishment by wearing their medal. The runners also return home with a souvenir of the wonderful moment they just lived at your event.

Description :

  • Gold medal made of plastic
  • Red, white and blue ribbon
  • Medal diameter is 1,49" (3,8cm)
  • Ribbon length is 11,8" (30cm)
  • Universal size

Warning : Minimum suggested age to use the product of 3 years old and over.

Accomplishment medals are not essential for a Colour Run. They make the overall experience nicer, but you can still have your Colour Run without them and avoid using plastic that will probably end up to the landfill.