Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions about the ordering process, on how to create an event or on the products? search in the following question to see if you can find an answer. If you can't find your answer, please contact us and it will be a pleasure to answer any question you may have!

  • Ordering:

    • What are the delivery times?

      • For regular shipping, we deliver within 10 days of receiving your order across Canada. For Quebec, Ontario and Maritime, calculate around 3 to 4 working days to receive your order.
      • For fast shipping, we deliver withing 24 hours in Quebec and Ontario and 3 days for the rest of Canada.
    • Is it possible to order your products in large quantities for my event?

      • Yes! If you want to order quantities which are not found on our web site, it'll be a pleasure to respond to your request. For your order, please Contact Us.
    • How much will it cost to deliver my order?

      • We offer free shipping on every order over 100 $ before taxes in all provinces of Canada. If you don't qualify for free shipping, you can use the shipping calculator in your cart page to see how much it would be.
    • Products:

      • Luminous Balloons:

        • How long does the Luminous Balloons’ lights lasts?

          • The lights of the Luminous Balloons will last for at least 20 hours. Keep in mind that the brightest time is at the beginning. The light will get dimmer and dimmer as time goes by.
        • Can Luminous balloons be used by young children?

          • Luminous Balloons are for 8 years old and older.
      • Wish Lanterns:

        • Can the paper from the wish lanterns catch fire?

          • No, the wish lanterns’ paper is treated to be flame-resistant.
        • What is the ideal place to use the wish lanterns?

          • Wish lanterns are beautiful when they are lit over a lake. You can also light it on a wasteland or a field, as long as you are not close to buildings, trees or any tall obstacles. You should also be conscious of the wind’s direction and its intensity. Do not use the wish lanterns when there are high winds!
      • Colour Powders:

        • Can Colour Powder be used to make a colour battle?

          • YES! And don't forget to send us pictures.
        • What is the ideal place to use colour powder?

          • Outdoors.
        • Are the colour powders dangerous?

          • The colour powder is composed of corn starch and food colouring, so, technically, no. On the other hand, if you have allergies to corn or food colouring, it would be better to consult a specialist before using.
        • Does the colour powder stain?

          • Colour powder can stain clothes, but removing excess powder before washing will normally prevent staining. It does not stain skin or hair. We still suggest to use old clothes and to use the powder outdoors.
        • How can I clean the colours on my clothes?

          • Normally, once shake the excess powder off the clothes and wash them in the washer, they should have come back to their original state. On the other hand, if one of your clothes is still stained, here are some suggestions:
            1. If your clothes are white, soak in warm water with chlorine bleach water and wash as usual. Keep them away from other garments. Dry them on a hanger separately.
            2. Try to wash stains in a few litres of cold water with ½ Cup (120 ml) of white vinegar and 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of liquid laundry detergent. The acid in the vinegar will neutralize colour chemicals and facilitate washing.
            3. If laundering with detergent isn’t enough, spray window cleaner containing ammonia on stains and leave it on for 15 minutes. Dry with a clean cloth, rinse with cold water, and wash them again.
            4. Put lemon juice on stains, soak for 15 minutes and rub lightly with the hands. Then wash the clothes as usual, but separately.
            5. Rub a few drops of friction alcohol on the clothing and rinse well in cold water. Wash as usual.
            6. Mix a teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide with a bit of cream of tartar or a bit of toothpaste and rub the paste onto the stain with a soft cloth. Rinse. The stain colour should have disappeared.
            We still recommend that you always use old clothing when using colour powders.
        • How to clean the colours on objects?

          • If you leave the colours on a surface for too long and stain an object, here is what we suggest to clean:
            1. Marks and stain on sinks, tiles and countertops:
              1. Clean with a brush moistened with soap.
              2. Rub gently to not leave any scratches on the surfaces
            2. Puddles or ponds on the ground:
              1. Blot excess water with a sponge or absorbent paper.
              2. Absorb as quickly as possible before the colours become too difficult to remove.
              3. After having removed the water, sprinkle detergent powder on stains and let it rest to break the dye.
              4. Clean detergent powder.
            3. Stained floor:
              1. Apply a mixture of baking soda and water on the stains and let stand.
              2. After the dough is dry, wipe with a cloth or sponge.
            4. Table chairs and stained kitchen cabinets:
              1. Wipe the stain with acetone or hydrogen peroxide with a cloth or sponge.
            5. White marble flooring:
              1. Clean the floor with bleach.
              2. Do not clean colour floors or laminated floors with bleach as it may damage your floor.
            6. Dishes:
              1. If your dishes are stained, wash with liquid detergent.
              2. Avoid contacting the colour with the melamine dinnerware, because colour will stain easily.