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All the Colour Powders you need for your colour run or colorful event!

Colour Powders for Schools, Municipalities, Festivals And More!

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The Colour Powder is 100% Organic and Safe For All!

The Most Colorful And Funniest Activities For The Kids And Teenagers!

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We Colour Your Events!

Welcome to our colour powder store! You will find here the colour powder you need for your colour run, school event, parties, holi festivals, snow festivals and more.

All of our products are developped with the only purpose to help you easily create original and colourful events!

Proudly Canadian

Thanks for letting us coloring your events and making us the best specialist and the biggest distributor of colour powders in Canada.

Discover how we bring joy to Canadians every day with colour powders since 2016. Read more

For The Benefit of Our Clients, we Are Commited to :