What is Colour Powder made of?

The Colour powder is so vibrant and brilliant that we often think by mistake that it is chemical. Those are some questions people frequently ask themselves. Is it toxic? Is it safe? Is it ecofriendly? Do I need to clean the colour powder after an event? Can it stain? We will quickly answer to all of those questions in this article.

Bulk Colour Powder


How Colour Powder is made?

The Holi Colour Powder we sell at NOUWEE is entirely being made of corn starch and food colorant. So, it is 100% natural, nontoxic, biodegradable, and compostable. Actually, we could even eat it if it was processed and handled in accordance for consumption.

You probably already figured out now that it is totally safe to throw colour powder at each other during a Colour Run, a Holi Festival or simply a Colour Fight with friends!


People throwing Colour Powder at each other in a Canadian event

Is the Colour Powder ecofriendly?

Yes, since the Colour Powder NOUWEE is selling is 100% made out of corn starch and food colorant, it is completely natural, biodegradable and even compostable. That way, the Colour Powder is not dangerous for the environment. It is also decomposing really fast with rain and natural events.

Ecofriendly Colour Powder on the ground

Does the Colour Powder stains?

Since the Colour Powder is made out of food colorant, it may stains but the risk are really low. Also, NOUWEE made many tests with the Colour Powder we distribute. All the colours we are offering for sell have not stain during our tests. This is also why we are not selling the red colour, because this one has failed many the tests we've made. Even if the risks are near to none with NOUWEE Colour Powders, we recommend to do not wear your favorite shirt during a Coulour Run or Holi Festival!


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