Squeezing Powder Blowers
Squeezing Powder Blowers
Squeezing Powder Blowers


Squeezing Powder Blowers

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NOUWEE's Squeezing Powder Blowers are perfect for your Colour Run, Festival and more. They are affordable and helps creating quickly and easily big clouds of Colour Powder. You just have to fill them before your Colour Run or Festival and your ready to go! They are perfect for to use at your colour stations.

Squeezing Powder Blowers are sold empty. Colour Powder is sold seperatly. 

Description :

  • 32 onces squeezable bottles of plastic
  • Colour : Clear
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to keep clean

Warning : Minimum suggested age to use the product of 5 years old and over.

Scissors are required to cut an opening and they are not included.

Squeezing Powder Blowers are not essential for throwing Colour Powder. You can avoid using plastic that will probably end up to the landfill by simply using your hands for throwing the Colour Powder. You can also use a leaf blower if you want something more fancy.