About Us

The reason behind NOUWEE is rooted with my personal experience. After completing my university degree in marketing, I was on the same path as every other good graduate my age. Attaining jobs in my field and accumulating mandates in order to answer to, what I thought, what was important to me: accumulating money to buy a house, have a car, create a name for myself in the field, etc. I was working long hours, increasing the contracts and hours to attain my objectives. One morning, I received a phone call from my brother, informing me that one of our friends had died in a car crash earlier that morning. I was in shock.


My life was changed, from one day to the next. My friend Maxime could have been me. Fortunately, he was full of life, but is it my case? Am I happy? No.
I started searching for the things that made me happy and realized that the moments shared with my friends and family had been the best; moments that I had been neglecting for far too long.


It was that moment that marked the reason behind NOUWEE: creating moments with our close and loved ones memorable, pleasant, and magical.
I left for Asia in search of products that would help me obtain my goal and to meet with manufacturers. After my return, the Wish Lanterns were the first product that NOUWEE introduced. Maxime’s first anniversary of death marked the Wish Lantern’s first flight. Today, we are more than convinced that our mission is one that is worth it. Please do not hesitate in contacting us; you are part of the NOUWEE family.


Alexandre Goupil-Lévesque

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