Luminous Balloons

Did you know that balloons were first made out of intestines? But since the 20th century, people began to make it out of latex, which is way better in our opinion!

Now In the 21st century, NOUWEE brings you a light augmented balloon: the new generation of balloons! Use it to play with your kids, at your music show or just to decorate your party!

    Product Qualities

    • LED light attached to the tip of the balloons
    • Box content: 6 different coloured luminous balloons
    • 11 inches balloons made out of high quality latex
    • Plastic trigger to turn on the light
    • Can be filled with helium or air.
    • Colours: Blue, red, green, pink, white and yellow
    • Lasts at least 20 hours (brightest hours are the firsts)
    Warning: Lighted balloons are normally really attractive to kids! Minimum suggested age to use the product of 8 years old and over or with adult supervision.

      Category: evening, light, Multicolour

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