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Lanterne chinoise de noël
christmas chineese lantern
Un père et sa fille écrit au père noël
Une famille se prépare à utiliser la lanterne de noël
writing a message for santa
A young boy writing a message to santa
lanterne chinoise de noël allumé
people launching a christmas lantern
someone holding the christmas lantern
une lanterne chinoise de noël qui flotte

"Dear Santa" Lantern


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We are currently receiving a greater demand for this product. Also, due to the application of COVID-19 health regulations in the workshops, the Christmas elves productivity at North Pole has greatly reduced and they are not able to supply enough packaging for our Dear Santa Lantern.

However, Santa Claus asked our brilliant Christmas elves to package more than one lantern in the same package which is more ecological and also works perfectly to deliver the kids wishes to him (even the biggest). Our Christmas elves garantee that you will receive the exact same colors and amounts that you've ordered including all that comes with the lantern.

We are sorry for this inconvenience. Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns. We will do our best ot make it unnoticeable.

Santa Claus can't wait to read you!


I will always remember that moment, as a child, when I told my father I was mad that he wasn’t very present and that I rarely got to see him. Owner of an enterprise, he explained, with a tear in his eye, that he worked so much to allow us to have the best life possible. Later, he explained that the reason he spoiled us so, was partly to be forgiven for being so absent. I rarely remembered the gifts he gave us, but I always remembered the privileged moments I got to spend with him.

The “Dear Santa” Lantern’s goal is to create those magical moments with your child and to offer them the world’s greatest gift: your presence.

Hang your letter on the lantern, light up the base of the lantern and watch the lantern inflate and fly away.

Product Attributes

  • Box contents: 1 flying lantern + 1 letter to write to Santa Claus
  • Mix colours: red, pink, blue or white
  • Biodegradable

Warning: If used properly, the “Dear Santa” Lantern can amaze, impress, and realise all the children’s dreams. Must be used and lit only by adults.

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