How Did Colour Powder First Started in Canada?

How did Colour Powder has been introduced to Canadians?

As we know of, Nouwee's been the first to distribute Holi Colour Powders to Canadians. After a trip into Asia looking for original products that could bring joy and great moments to Canadians, we've been greatly suprised by the colour powder. The colours were so bright, people were having fun and the vibe was great. We new it was something different and never seen before for most of Canadians and it would be amazling fun for them. So we started importing the product after that trip.


Holi festival in asia with people celebrating throwing colour powder

How did Canadians got introduced to Colour Powder?

We've first started distributing Bulk Premium Colour Powder in 2016. We were the only ones on the Canadian market as we knew of. We started talking to Schools, Daycares, Day Camps and Municipalities. We showed them how they can easily organize an event like no one ever seen before also at a suprisingly affordable price because it doesn't need much. Only happy people, bulk colour powder, and that's pretty much it!

kids playing with colour powder at a school event

What is the relation of Canadians with Colour Powder now?

Even if Colour Runs are becoming more and more popular, alot of Canadians still doesn't know how colour powder can be fun and easy to use. Also, nothing much as been done with the potential of Winter Festivals. The colour powder is so bright and beautiful on snow. There is still alot to do and to create. That's why we work hard everyday to offer the bests advices to our clients and the best choices and prices of colour powders.

Canadian family at a colour run in Canada

What is Nouwee doing for Canadians now?

Our first clients who saw the same potential in colour powder and trusted us started all of this and did make it possible for others after. They've let us color their events and bring joy to many Candians after then. Since then, we've specialized, became the best to gives advices and the biggest distributor in Canada for colour powders. We are really greatful for that and we hope we can help more Canadians discovering the amazing fun you can have with colour powders. For that reason, we try to offer the best services and teach people on how to create a Colour Run, an Holi Festival or other colored events. We are also developping new product such as the Colour Powder Blasters an distributing related accesoiries like Colored Sunglasses for that reason.

We'd like to hear from you if you have such a project. Feel free to Contact us if you have questions or if we can help in any ways.


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