How to Use a Chinese Flying Lantern?

What is a Chinese flying lantern?

Basically, a flying lantern works exactly like a hot air balloon. You need to create a pocket filled of hot air to make it lift and fly into the sky. Our Wish Lantern fly about 4 to 5 minutes. That’s enough to see it has a lite dot in the sky like a star before it starts falling.


A Canadian couple lunching a rice paper flying lantern in the sky

What are Chinese lantern used for?

Our flying Wish Lantern or our floating Hope Lantern can be used during a ceremony, celebration or an event to create a memorable moment with your friends and family. In a more spiritual way, you can mark the day or send a message into the sky. It can be to commemorate something important, to send your last words to someone who just left, to send your wishes for the new year or your Wedding vows, and more. They are oftenly used in asian festivals. Also, because they are so magical, they can simply be used with friends during Camping and Cottage Vacations, at the Beach and more. As well, kids really like them. So we created the Dear Santa lantern for them. That way, they can send their wishes to Santa in North Pole using the lantern. It is much more amazing like that!

Alot of people at a festival using chinese flying lantern

How are made Chinese flying lantern?

Chinese flying lantern can be made from metal and other non-ecological materials, but there is no need to use those kinds of lanterns nowadays. Our Wish Latern, Hope lantern and Dear Santa Lantern are 100% ecofriendly using bamboo, rice paper and wax. It will decompose fast after use and it is fire resistant.


Flying lantern made of rice paper in Canada

How to use a Chinese flying lantern?

To use our Wish lantern, simply follow those steps:

  1. Open the package and slowly unfold the lantern. Make sure it is completely unfolded with no folds remaining.
  2. Write your wishes on the lantern or attach a letter with a small twine.
  3. With a friend, hold the lantern straight up and light up the corners of the combustible source. Do not light it right in the middle of the combustible to prevent any leak.
  4. Stay steady and wait for the lantern to fill with hot air. It can take up to about 2 minutes.
  5. Release and admire!


Family lunching a rice paper flying lantern

Is it safe to use a Chinese flying lantern?

If you are cautious at lunch, the rest cannot go wrong. The lantern will simply start falling only when the fire is gone. To lunch safely a Chinese flying lantern, make sure to follow the previous steps correctly. Also, follow those warnings:

  1. Keep out of children’s reach. It should be lit and used under adult supervision.
  2. Never use in windy conditions or close to a n airport or under flight trajectories.
  3. Always use the lantern in an open space, away from obstacles or buildings.
  4. Do not light where the ground or vegetation can burn easily.
  5. Always keep a source of water or a fire extinguisher at arms reach.
  6. Never use while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  7. Make sure the authorities and laws allow the use of this product.
  8. Do not use if the lantern is torn or broken.
Canadian Family at the beach ad looking at a flying lantern going away in the sky

Is it legal to use a Chinese flying lantern in your town?

Most of the cities allow the use of Chinese flying lantern, mainly if you are in a small town. To make sure it is legal, you can simply call the city or the fire department. They will let you know if it is legal or not.


If you still have some questions about how to use a Chinese flying lanterns, please, don’t hesitate to Contact us!

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