Hope Lantern
chineese floating lantern packaging
lanterne chinoise d'espoir
hope chineese lantern


Hope Lantern

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NOUWEE's Hope Lantern is about taking this opportunity to write down your biggest worry and greatest aspiration, light the lantern up and send it off on the water. Our gift to you is letting you know that whatever happens, everything will be all right.

Description :

  • Box contents: 1 water lantern + 1 maker
  • 100% Biodegradable and compostable (rice paper and wood)

Warning: If used properly, the Hope Lantern can amaze, impress, and realise all your dreams. Must be used and lit by adults only. Make sure to follow the steps shown on the packaging and do not use when it's dry or windy outside.

For higher amount needed suchs as for Festivals, Fund raising and other big events, please Contact us