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people haveing fun with colour powder
poudre de couleur rose
orange and purple colour powder
purple and green colour powder
people playing with colour powder
some bags of colour powder
alot of bags of colour powder

Colour Powder Bags

The Colour powder recharge is a fun way to great an unique activity for your party or kid party. The colour powder can be use to recreate the holi festival from India, to create a coloured race like the "Color run" or "Color me rad" or just a giant colour powder fight.

We offer 25lbs pack of Colour powder for big event. If you are interested, please contact us at info@nouwee.com

    Product Qualities

    Our Colour Powder Recharge is made to extend the Colour Powder Kit and enable you to have even more fun! The Colour powder recharge are individual colour powder pack. We suggest to use the Colour powder pack for color race under 100 runners. Bigger than that, we suggest to contact us by email at info@nouwee.com for our 25lbs colour powder kit.

    • Colours: blue, purple, yellow, pink, green
    • Bag content: 50g colour powders
    • Non-toxic
    • 100% natural corn starch
    • 100% biodegradable
    • Gluten free
    Warning: Minimum suggested age to use the product of 8 years old and over.
    Questions & Answer:
    • I have 10 kids under 12 years old, how many boxes do I need? Because they are children they will likely use less powder than grow up. If you do a fight about 2 boxes would be enough. If you do a race caculate a box by colour station
    • How long an unopened package can be good? If keep in cold dry place, you can keep it for at less a years and half.
    • Is this powder scented? No
    • What is the best way to wash the clothes? Just shake the clothes outside to remove excess powder and wash it in washing machine.
    • How do it works? It is light powder which can be thrown and have a lots of fun.
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