Colour Powder Recharge

No matter who you are, everybody gets in the pleasure of NOUWEE's Colour Powder. Inspired from the Holi Festival in India, NOUWEE brings you the same festivities for your home.

The powder comes in individually packed bags of various colours. There is a variety of ways to throw the powder, but the traditional method is to trow it with your hands. 

    Product Qualities

    Our Colour Powder Recharge is made to extend the Colour Powder Kit and enable you to have even more fun!.

    • Colours: blue, orange, yellow, pink, green
    • Box content: 5 X 50g colour powders
    • Non-toxic
    • 100% natural corn starch

    Warning: May contain more enjoyment than planned, and may stain your life, clothing, and objects! Minimum suggested age to use the product of 8 years old and over. The colour may change than the one one the picture.

    Category: Game, Multicolour, Outdoor, Play

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