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Piñata Balloons

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Half Balloon-Half Piñata, they are transparent balloons filled with confetti. Not only does it create a Pinterest look to your decor, but your guests will have the chance to burst the balloons during your event, creating a cloud of colour that will slowly come down on everyone like small, colourful snowflakes.

Don’t worry about the mess, a quick clean with the vacuum, and you’re done!

Description :

  • Box contents: Four (4) confetti balloons and a purple & white twine
  • Dimension: 20 cm x 6cm x 4 cm
  • 11 inch balloons made of high quality latex
  • Fill with air or helium
  • Colour: transparent with blue, red, green, and white confetti

Trick: Tie the balloon up-side-down from the ceiling, to create a Pinterest effect.

WARNING: The Piñata Balloons may be very surprising and amusing when they burst. The suggested age to use this product is 8 years or older, or with adult supervision.