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Cupidon's confetti balloons
balloon confetti cupidon valentine

Cupidon's confetti balloons


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Why do we call them the cupid's confetti balloons? Simply because like cupid these balloons will make everyone who receiving them fall in deep love with you.

We hear you from here... BUT HOW!?! We cannot answer this top secret question (we have a pact with cupid himself) but we garanty you that you will love them!

Here is the process for this aphrodisiac confetti balloons:

Step 1: Write a message to your crush on the piece of paper. Don't hesitate to tell them everything! Why you love him/her, why you think he/ she is so fantastic. Make it special!

Step 2: Insert your message and your confetti inside the balloons.

Step 3: Inflate the confetti balloons with helium and hang them with a weight and leave it somewhere where your love one will find them. Do not forget to hangout his/her name so they can find it.

If you do not have helium, inflate the confetti balloons with air and simply hang them from the ceiling.

Step 4: Prepare the garland tassels as instructed and hang them on the confetti balloons’ string.

Step 5: Get to your crush and give him/her the paper heart you had pre-cut earlier from the packaging. 

Step 6: Ask you secretly love one to burst the confetti balloons with the heart!

Step 7: Fall in love forever!

Product Attributes

  • Box contents: Four (4) cupidon confetti balloons and a garland tassels
  • Dimension: 
  • 12 inch balloons made of high quality latex
  • Fill with air or helium
  • Colour: red and white

Trick: Tie the balloon up-side-down from the ceiling, to create a Pinterest effect.


WARNING: The Cupidon confetti balloons may be very surprising and amusing when they burst. The suggested age to use this product is 8 years or older, or with adults

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