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Colour powder

How much colour powder do I need for my race?

If you are new with colour powder race, it is hard to evaluate how much colour powder you will need for your race because it can be influenced by many factors like:
  • The number of runners
  • Your race trajectory and how many colour station you want
  • How many colour you want to have
  • The generosity and enthusiasm of your volunteers or "powder launchers"
Taken knowledge of all these factors, obviously, it is tricky. But good news, we are here to help. According to our experience, you will need to calculate:
25lbs of colour powder for every 100 runners for each colour station.
So, for example, if you have 1000 runners and you decide to do  5 colour stations you will need 1000 runners / 100 runners by station x 5 stations = 50 boxes of 25lbs.
If you need help to calculate, do not be afraid to contact us.
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