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Piñata Balloon package
people with Piñata Balloons
people hitting the Piñata Balloons
Piñata Balloons on the table

Piñata Balloons

It’s while installing balloons for one of our events that we asked ourselves the following questions:

Why are we decorating if we’re going to take down those decorations in the hours that follow?

Is there a way to transform this into an activity that will create magical and memorable moments to share with our guests?

The Piñata Balloons were born! Half Balloon-Half Piñata, they are transparent balloons filled with confetti. Not only does it create a Pinterest look to your decor, but your guests will have the chance to burst the balloons during your event, creating a cloud of colour that will slowly come down on everyone like small, colourful snowflakes.

P.S. Don’t worry about the mess, a quick clean with the vacuum, and you’re done!


Product Attributes

  • Box contents: Four (4) confetti balloons and a purple & white twine
  • Dimension: 20 cm x 6cm x 4 cm
  • 11 inch balloons made of high quality latex
  • Fill with air or helium
  • Colour: transparent with blue, red, green, and white confetti

Trick: Tie the balloon up-side-down from the ceiling, to create a Pinterest effect.


WARNING: The Piñata Balloons may be very surprising and amusing when they burst. The suggested age to use this product is 8 years or older, or with adult supervision.