5 Things to do in June in Family

1 - World environment day 

The fifth of June is a perfect moment to sensitize our kids about our impact on the environment. It could be a good idea to go walk in the forest, plant a tree the and make ecofriendly activities with the kids such as making a run or a party with the Colour Powder Kit which is 100% natural, biodeogradable and compostable.

Childrens playing with colour powder in Canada

2 - Father's day

Father's day is happening the 20th of June this year. Let's just show them how we love them! We can also use a Wish Lantern to highlight the moment!

People launching wish lanterns in Canada

3 - Wold Music Day

Maybe you never heard of it yet, but it certainly should be known more. The 21st of June, we can iniate our kids to new music or on making music. It can be by going to a music show, listenning to different styles of music or you could even play music on pots!

Music festival in Canada

4 - Saint-Jean-Baptiste

The Saint-Jean-Baptiste on June 24th is the National Day for Quebec, but it is also french Canadian Day. We cross our fingers for nice weather during the festivities!

5 - Colour Run

June is also a perfect month for organizing a Colour Run because it's becoming warmer, sunnier and days are longer. Also, it's not too hot for running under the sun. It can easily be organized at your home, at your kids School, Daycare, Day Camp or even by your Municipality. It is affordable and easy to do with many kids. You only need Premium Colour Powder and you can read our blog post about How to Organize The Perfect Colour Run.

Family having fun with Colour Powder in Canada

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